Web Consultancy

SRD Consultancy primarily aim to use our cutting edge functional and technological knowledge base and our understanding of the Internet to achieve the critical objectives of reducing costs, increasing the bottom line and getting closer to your customer.


We understand that web and Internet is no longer a competitive edge but a competitive necessity. We as consultants and solution provider, offer to you the three basic elements needed for an organization to leverage its IT investments:


    The understanding of the Business Processes and the industry in which the organization functions.

    The understanding of the Technology required, enabling the Business Process on the web.

    The understanding of the approach and methodology to take up this web enabling process for the business i.e. a customer oriented approach towards web projects.


Thus we adopt an approach of offering strategic consultancy for all our clients and projects - we prefer to study the customers' business in detail and evolve a Web strategy based on the actual processes and transactions involved.